Good news | Bosean Electronics was selected as a provincial "Gazelle" – Bosean official
Good news | Bosean Electronics was selected as a provincial "Gazelle" enterprise

Good news | Bosean Electronics was selected as a provincial "Gazelle" enterprise

Good news | Bosean Electronics was selected as a provincial "Gazelle" enterprise

On December 22, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, together with the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Department of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation, Henan Provincial Taxation Bureau organized the selection of innovative leading enterprises. After the independent declaration of the enterprise, the recommendation of the prefecture and city, the selection of the department, the solicitation of opinions, and the research decision of the office meeting, Bosean Electronics was recognized as a "Gazelle" enterprise.

"Gazelle" is an enterprise that enters the high-growth stage with the support of technological innovation or business model innovation. The scope of certification is mainly that the industrial field is in line with the development direction of national and provincial strategic emerging industries, covering emerging industries, new generation information technology (including big data, Internet of Things and cloud computing, high-end software, Internet), biological health, artificial intelligence, financial technology, Energy saving, environmental protection, consumption upgrade and other fields.

Bosean Electronics has an independent production and R&D base of over 10,000 square meters, a complete product supply chain system and core component production capabilities. Over the years, it has insisted on technological innovation, has hundreds of patent qualification certifications and honor certificates, has obtained software enterprise certification, high-tech enterprise certification, TUV Rheinland certification, SIL international safety certification and other corporate certifications, as well as measurement certification, fire certification, coal Safety certification, mining safety certification, CCEP certification, ATEX EU explosion-proof certification, American UL certification and other product certifications.

The annual production and sales volume reaches 300,000 terminal devices. The market coverage and brand reputation are high. The products are exported to more than 130 countries or regions including the United States, the European Union, East Asia, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. Industry service experience can quickly provide feasible solutions for various customer groups.

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