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Industrial Fixed gas detector Probe K-G60



    • Five units can be switched at will, PPM, %VOL, mg/m3, umol/mol, 10^-6

    • Output a variety of signals with a transmission distance of 1km,. Standard 4-20mA signal, 433MHz wireless transparent transmission function is optional, Standard RS485 signal, Dual relay passive signal output.


    • Product type:K-G60 fixed gas detector/transmitter

    • Explosion proof grade:Exd ⅡC T6 Gb

    • Response time:≦20S

    • Power supply:DC24V±15%

    • Working temperature:-20℃~50℃

    • Output current:4-20mA

    • Working humidity:0-95%RH

    • Contact output:Free contact output, max power 1kW

    • Single input:4~20mA and RS485

    • Installation method:Wall mounted, pipe mounted, flow-through, pump suction

    • Shell material:Aluminum

    • Dimensions:177.5x127.5x104mm(L×W×H)