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Natural Gas CO Gas Leak Detector BH-H3



    • Protects you and your family from two threats: carbon monoxide and explosive gas.

    • Sounder Alarm – The BH-H3 Gas Detector offers a loud 75-decibel pulsing alarm that will sound to alert you to a potential problem.

    • Alarm Status: When the combustible gas concentration reaches thealarm value, the red alarm indicator keep flashing and the Alarm keeps1 sound per second. When the concentration of carbon monoxidereaches the alarm value, the red alarm indicator is keep on light, theAlarm keeps 2 sounds per second.

    • Peak Level Memory - Recalls the highest CO concentration detected

    • Test/Reset Button - Tests unit’s electronic circuitry operation and allows you to immediately silence the alarm.

    • Two alarms in one detects carbon monoxide and explosive gas

    • Three convenient mounting options


      • AV voltage:AV 220V /110V

      • Working temperature:0-50℃

      • Environment Humility:10%-95%

      • Detecting gas : Combustible gas & CO

      • Sensor type : Semiconductor sensor

      • Gas Sampling : Diffuse naturally

      • Alarm set point : Combustible gas: 10%LEL / CO: 100PPM

      • Warming time : 3min

      • Accuracy : Combustible gas: ±3%LEL / CO: ±50PPM

      • Response time : ≤60sresumeautomatically≤30s

      Packing list:

      • 1* Gas Detector

      • 1* English User Manual